Zetaman, by Peter Tangen

Recent Comics

Issue 02 Page 04


Zetaman vs. Zetaman over a drunken argument….

Issue 02 Page 03

The Difference

Zetaman of Earth Omicron introduces his team mates to Earth Alpha Heroes….

Issue 02 Page 02

RLSH Omicron

The gathering of RLSH is interrupted by some party crashers….

Issue 02 Page 01

The Gathering

Zetaman and The Real Life Superheroes Project get together to say goodbye to one of their own….

Issue 00 Page 07

Mortal Combat

Someone is impatience of Null’s progress….

Issue 00 Page 06

Second Wind

Agent Null is ready for round 2….

Issue 00 Page 05


Vega Bond has a deal for Agent Null….

Issue 00 Page 04

Square Off

Agent Null versus Zetaman….


Tragic Ending

Zetaman cannot save himself in time….


A Prayer

Zetaman resolves to end the alien menace….


Get out

Zetaman tries to reason with his counterpart….


Last Stand

The fate of The Alternates is revealed….